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Contrast between breathtaking nature and skyscraper dominated cities, road trip country, supersize everything, flying as the only worling public transportion...


Golder Gate Bridge - San Fransisco

Best Time: Typical sunset spot
Remarks: Fort Point Rock is probably the most known but also most beautiful sunset spot in San Fransisco. Even if the sun is going down on the other side, the golden light is beautifully illuminating the bridge. The biggest challenge for the shot is probably the sandy underground. If you plan to shoot the whole sunset period with one single perspective, put your tripod on a rock. If you place it on the sand it will slowly sink, especially if you are very close or even in the water. There are always some other photographers around but as the beach is huge, there should be no problem with enough space. Keep in mind, this part of the beach is known for the nudist and LGBTQ community. People are used to photographers but try to point our camera in the water direction ;). The last tip, bring a flashlight. The sunset is beautiful but afterward, the hike up the cliff can be a bit tricky without light and you might need your mobile phone battery to call a taxi as public transportation in SF is from a European point of view a nightmare.
GPS Location: 37°48'29.4"N 122°28'41.8"W

Oakland Bay Bridge - San Fransisco

Best Time: Sunrise spot
Remarks: The very typical sunrise spot in San Fransisco is Battery Spencer on the other side of the Golden Gate bridge. I tried it at least ten times and the weather was always SHIT. So on my last trip to SF on my last day I skipped it and tried this spot. If you stay downtown, you can even walk. In retrospect, I'm very pleased with the shot. To my knowledge, the fireboat is always around and is an awesome foreground. The spot is not very known and as it is a sunrise spot there was nobody else. There is also plenty of space. There are no specific challenges to expect. Try to place the sun where you want to have it. To prepare for this, there are several apps and websites available. I use e.g. a website called Photo Ephemeris. They are providing also an app (I'm not sponsored from them).
GPS Location: 37°47'25.8"N 122°23'19.6"W

Horseshoe Bend - Page

Best Time: Sunset or night shot
Remarks: If you plan a trip to the mid-west of the United States, reserve some time in Page, Arizona. The city itself is nothing special but it is cloth to two natural wonders: Antelope Canyon and, as shown here, Horseshoe Bend. The spot is easily accessible via car. If you want to park very close, there is a commercial parking lot. You can stay longer than the opening time but you are not allowed to stay overnight. The place itself is very crowded during sunset. So be a bit early on-site to get a good spot. I'm not using the "concreted" viewpoint. I prefer a small spot 10m to the left. You have to be a bit careful as there are no safety precautions. So don't drop your camera of even worth don't fall. Bring some snacks, as the time after sunset can be even better than the sunset itself. The colors in the sky getting crazy arround 15-30min after sunset. I had even to reduce the colors a bit, as it looked super unnatural.
GPS Location: 36°52'46.2"N 111°30'49.2"W

Old Pier 1 - New York

Best Time: Sunset and blue hour spot
Remarks: Right next to the Brooklyn Bridge there is the Old Pier 1. The only thing left from the pier is the basement, the old wooden posts. I just love them as my foreground of the picture. If you are already in Brooklyn just go to the east river. The Brooklyn bridge should be on your right side when you look in the direction of Manhattan. The spot with the old pier posts is pretty unique, so it's not that hard to find. If you come from Manhattan, use the chance to cross the Brooklyn Bridge on foot. Even if a huge number of tourists can be annoying, the view is worth it. After crossing, you have to go a bit back to come to the waterfront. If you leave the bridge on the left side and go straight to the water you are crossing another famous photo spot. You can shoot the Empire State Building framed by one of the bridge pillars of the Brooklyn Bridge.
GPS Location: 40°42'02.8"N 73°59'48.8"W

Lefrak Point Lighthouse - Jersey City

Best Time: Sunrise spot
Remarks: New York has also a very nice sunrise spot. You can reach it by subway from World Trade Center Station if you stay in Manhattan. The best spot I found is very next to the Lefrak Lighthouse in Jersey City. When I visited in 2018, everything around looked brand new. There were other photographers from New York, but overall super easy location. Due to the lights from the city, it is possible to find a good perspective even without scouting a day before. I liked the wooden Structures in the water to create a kind of "follow the line" in the direction of the World Trade Center. So if you have anyway jetlag, check out this spot.
GPS Location: 40°43'34.9"N 74°01'48.6"W

Miami Beach - Miami

Best Time: Sunrise spot
Remarks: Florida is a great place for sunsets and sunrises. The colors and clouds are very often super nice. Miami Beach is usually not really my thing, but on the very morning it is very peaceful and the view ist just amazing. Miami Beach is very known for these safeguard houses. Every house has a very special design. So check out the beach one day earlier so that you know where you want to shoot which house. As the beach is super long, and there are dozens of houses you should be almost alone. The only other people are runners and fitness influencer filming workouts. Using a remote control is here even more important as usual as your tripod is standing on fine sand. Avoiding touching your setup helps to keep your camera perspective.
GPS Location: 25°46'48.5"N 80°07'42.5"W

Gold Gate - San Fransisco

Best Time: Sunrise spot
Remarks: This spot is still my nemesis in San Fransisco. The location is called Battery Spencer and is on the Sausalito side of the bridge. As it is a sunrise spot you have to get up very early, get an UBER, drive to the spot, walk up the hill, all in total darkness with a flashlight and then you figure out there is fog all around you. I think I tried it now at least five times and this is my very very best shot. Even after all photoshop magic I'm so not happy with it. I uploaded also some photos from the location when you can't see anything that is 10m away. Sometimes, the top of the bridge is shining through but that is all you get. I will not give up, because if there is not fog or even better the fog is below you, it will be an awesome picture. So good luck to you and by the way - you can get really wet waiting in the fog. So if your Camera isn't sealed, you have to protect it.
GPS Location: 37°49'39.7"N 122°28'54.4"W


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