Hi! I'm Sven, an aerospace engineer and travel photographer from Germany. My two passions in life are aircraft and design. Travel photography brings both together. Since more than 10 years, I'm traveling the world and and share my impressions by giving speaches and sharing my pictures.


I started in 2001 as a self-employed graphic &  web designer, working for a couple of amazing brands. Composing images and vectorizing became quickly my favorite kind of work and therefore my signature specialty.

Nevertheless, when I had to decide between studying art and aerospace engineering, I chose to learn more about rocket science. During that period, I rediscovered my love to photography. Instead of composing other people's work, I started my very own picture portfolio. The last missing puzzle piece was probably my year abroad in Japan in 2008. Since then, I'm addicted to traveling and therefore to travel photography. Luckily, my day job supports this addiction in various ways...



...Currently, I'm leading the Corporate Strategy & Market Analytics department of Lufthansa Technik, the world-leading aerospace MRO. In this role, my think-tank like team and I are focusing on the future of our industry, socio-economic developments, and potential breakthrough technologies. Therefore, I'm given the opportunity to travel the world, meet with incredible people, and sometimes share my impressions in keynote sessions. Two of my constant companions are my camera and my tripod. So when people ask me if I prefer to do my photography or work in my day job, I can honestly say BOTH! If you are interested in working with me, contact me via the best matching social media network:


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