The land of the smile, beautiful landscape, very popular for street food, millions of tuck-tuck taxis, world-known tailers and breathtaking beaches, "same but different",...


Wat Benchamabophit - Bangkok

Best Time: Typical sunrise to early morning shot
Remarks: Wat Benchamabophit is one of my favorites spots in Bangkok. It is a bit off the beaten path, so far less crowded. The temple was not open when I arrived so I waited in front of the box office. Maybe one minute later, some monks approached me and invited me in. Just the main hall was closed until they finished their morning prayer. What an unexpectedly great experience. You are allowed to use a tripod but keep in mind to be respectful. As in almost all Buddhist temples, you have to take off your shoes. If you are not okay with that, just don't go to these places, instead of complaining. And yes, I saw this endless times. As you can see, there are 2 monks in my picture. I always ask if people get intentionally in my pictures. Especially monks are super friendly and quite often they want to have a selfie with you. I like the feeling that both parties get something out of it. Another great moment to shot this scene is the sunrise over the rooftop. Unfortunately, this around 2 hours after sunrise. So if you are not super patience, you have to decide before which one it should be.
GPS Location: 13°46'00.2"N 100°30'49.6"E

Ratchada Train Market - Bangkok

Best Time: Blue Hour
Remarks: The Ratchada Train Market in Bangkok is the place for street food. It is crazy how much diversity you will find here. Besides that, it is also a very nice photo spot. The different colors of the tents with the light beneath looks just gorges. The photo spot is located in a parking garage. It is very accessible and it even looks like the garage owners put some kind of railing for visitors on the tops levels. There is enough space for tripods and plenty of people. So just tome for a visit concerning the light situation. Enjoy.
GPS Location: 13°46'01.3"N 100°34'09.5"E


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