Hypermodern city country but there are still some historical spots, Asia multiculti mixture which makes it an awesome place for food, always a travel worth...


Marina Bay - Singapore

Best Time: Sunset and blue hour shot
Remarks: The Marina Bay with the very famous Marina Bay Sands Hotel is the hotspot in Singapore. There are plenty of spots around the little "lake". My favorite one is next to the Helix Bridge. You create a kind of follow the line to the Hotel and the ArtScience Museum. The best time is the blue hour with the laser/light and music show. The show is changing. I had shows which were not photogenic at all. Also, the Helix Bridge is changing colors, so make sure to cover all of them to have the opportunity to decide later. If you are up to the sunset, you have to shot the skyline to the right. Unfortunately, Singapore has the same issue as a lot of Asian megacities. Due to haze and smog, beautiful colors in the sky are quite rare. Good luck!
GPS Location: 1°17'19.4"N 103°51'36.1"E

Buddha Tooth Relic Temple - Singapore

Best Time: Sunset to blue hour
Remarks: This spot is a bit crazy. You have to enter a residential building. It has an open staircase to perfect for photography. As the staircase is also very exposed to the floors where the flat entrances are, people will stare at you but they are very friendly. As the staircase is not very large, I decided not to use a tripod. Otherwise, the residents might not be able to easily pass me and would get mad. So please try to avoid annoying people, otherwise, these kinds of spots will disappear. To get a steady shot without a tripod, I used my travel clamp from ReallyRightStuff (not sponsored). Worked very well. The Temple is illuminated very bright on some spots, and almost not on others. So make sure to shoot exposure brackets to deal with the issue in post-processing. I felt a bit uncomfortable in the beginning, but this spot turned out great. Give it a shot.
GPS Location: 1°16'53.6"N 103°50'37.0"E


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