Craziest country on earth. It is an overwhelming experience. Soo many people, the ridiculous traffic, it smells everywhere so very different - most of the time not good but it is a must-experience thing.


Taj Mahal - Agra

Best Time: Typical sunrise spot
Remarks: The most famous spot in India is the Taj Mahal. Unfortunately, India has some issues with Islamic terrorism. Due to that conflict, the building is heavily protected which makes it difficult to photograph. You are just allowed to bring one camera with one lens, no tripod, no nothing. To be a bit more flexible I chose a wide-angle zoom (in my case the Canon 11-24mm). I wasn't sure if I should bring the 16-35 to leverage the aperture 2.8 but in the end, I was fortunate to have the 11mm. Coming to some good news, the site opens very early so you should be able to catch the sunrise with its beautiful colors. I was very early and therefore, first in line. I knew my spots in advance so when the gates opened I was more or less alone in my spots for around 15-20min. This picture was actually taken 30-40min later as this was my second spot.
GPS Location: 27°10'28.5"N 78°02'26.5"E

Taj Mahal - Agra

Best Time: Sunrise spot
Remarks: This was my first photo spot and I thing till today it is the most beautiful one. I tried to be as accurate as possible with the GPS data. The shot is taken within the mosque next to the Taj Mahal (but still within the site). The Taj itself is a toom. In the religious parts of the site, you have to take off your shoes. I can recommend to just take them off and walk around. In this case, you don't have to look always for signs and as it is a bit dirty you don't loose time to clean your feet over and over again. Again my remark, if you don't like the Islamic rules (shoes off and women have to cover their hair) just don't go and don't start arguments. And yes, I experience also in the Taj French tourist groups arguing about these. Be respectful and if you are not sure how to behave just ask. People are very friendly and for some dollars, you can even find a local guide, explaining the history and showing the very best perspectives.
There is also a beautiful photo spot on the river but that whole area is a military restricted area. I didn't know so military police stopped me entering.
GPS Location: 27°10'30.0"N 78°02'26.9"E

Orchha chhatris - Orchha

Best Time: Sunset spot
Remarks: This photo was taken from the Orchha Sanctuary, a small forest and wildlife resort. You have to pay a little entrance fee but you will have a beautiful view of the tooms during sunset. Small funny remark, there were not many visitors but they somehow forgot to tell me the opening times. So the park closed when I was still in and they locked me in. So I had to climb over the fence to get out. So if you go you might want to ask when and how to leave.
GPS Location: 25°20'35.8"N 78°38'27.5"E


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