Tuscany is very known for its beautiful colors in the sky and the fog on the ground. Unfortunately, this is a sunrise moment. So getting up very early and knowing your spot upfront is key for these pictures. The post-processing is a bit more simple. This tutorial explains how to do this:


Original Image Original
Modified Image Modified

This picture had just a simple post processing. The main challenge was more to get up early, wait until sunrise just to figure out that the horizon was cloudy and that there would be no nice sunrise - three fucking times to be percice. Anyway, coming back to the edit. This picture is composed out of just 2 pictures. The pictures were taken with just seconds in between. The only difference was the expose (exposure bracketing). The background of my baseline layer was slightly over exposed, so I took it from an under exposed picture of the same bracket. The main edit work was then pushing a bit the colors, the contrast, sharpening the center and reduce the noice at the sky, caused by the edit. As I said, not super much work but the RAW File was already super amazing.


The location of the shot is a bit hidden so I would suggest that you scout our spot one day earlier. The GPS location is quite accurate, so that should give you a good start. Leave our car next to the big trash boxes at the street crossing you see straight above the marked spot. You should recognize a little dirt trail downhill. Just follow it and you come to a big wide greenfield. Now it's on you to find your spot. I saw people standing a bit higher to get more a panoramic shot. I preferred to go al the way down until a treeline. There was a 5m wide spot where there are no trees. I used that little free spot to shot.

Camera Settings

Canon EOS 5D Mark III, EF 70-200mm ƒ/2.8L II @105mm, ƒ/11, 2 frames 1/50s & 1/100s, ISO 100, on tripod, triggered by remote control


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