There is Paris and then there is the rest, famous for food, wine and romance. Don't miss the beautiful landscape all over the country.


Eiffel Tower - Paris

Best Time: Typical sunset spot
Remarks: This photo is taken at the Tour Montparnasse. This 59 level high builing has an awesome panorama view over whole Paris. The observation deck is outdoor. Tripods are allwed and the fence bars have a good distance to each other. So more or less very good conditions for sunset shots. Of cause, during that period it is very crowded. Make sure to be at least 30-45min prior on the roopftop.

Be aware that there is a copyright issue with the Eiffel Tower lights. You are just allowed to use pictures of the lighten Eiffel Tower for personal purposes. This excludes publishing. To avoid trouble, I blurred it... Sorry but it's not on me...
GPS Location: 48°50'31.4"N 2°19'19.5"E

Louvre - Paris

Best Time: Sunset and night spot
Remarks: Another good spot in Paris is the Louvre. The pyramids are especially at nighttime very beautiful. So if you didn't make it to sunset, there are even during nighttime good opportunities. By the way, even in the Louvre, photography is allowed (without flash).

Same copyright issue as with the Eiffel Tower lights apply also for the Louvre Pyramids. Again, I blurred it...
GPS Location: 48°51'38.7"N 2°20'13.3"E


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