"Good" old times, beautiful landscape, amazing colonial architecture, and vibrant Caribbean culture. I'm coming back when they skip communism.


Plaza de la Revolución - Havanna

Best Time: Morning and late afternoon
Remarks: Cuba is a beautiful photographer's nightmare. There are everywhere great photo spots and the scenery is just stunning. However, you have to watch out all the time that you don't point your camera in the direction of something government, police, or military-related. Cuba is very strict about this and Cuba is not the country where you want to argue with the police. If you are like me a fan of planning a bit ahead, Cuba is also not your country. From my point of view, it was quite obvious why Communism isn't working. But coming back to this photo spot. I shot this at the Plaza de la Revolucion. These kinds of cars, especially in this good looking condition, are most of the time taxis. So you hire one and get a little city tour. You find them in front of the capitol building or at the Plaza de la Revolucion. I'm not really into shooting cars - but after some trials, I stuck with this super wide-angle one. You can see, it was very cloudy which was perfect as you get the biggest softbox on earth for free. In harsh sunlight, you get a too extreme contrast.
GPS Location: 23°07'25.9"N 82°23'08.4"W


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