So much more than Angkor Wat but you didn't see Cambodia without Angkor Wat, awesome people, spider eating, the most expensive and longest highway project in the world - but still no highway...


Angkor Wat - Siem Reap

Best Time: Typical sunrise shot
Remarks: I would guess this is under the top 10 of the most known photo spots in the world. If you look at the pictures it looks so nice and peaceful. However, the reality is a bit different. First of all, you should get your entrance pass one day before. As it is a sunrise shot, don't waste your time lining up for a ticket. The day starts early with a tuk tuk drive from Siem Reap to the site. Most drivers will know what you are up to when they spot your tripod. Make sure to be super early. This place is the most crowded sunrise spot on earth. As you can see in my pictures, it gets really full. If you make it as one of the first, I can recommend getting 1-2 steps into the water. People are constantly pushing from behind. As the others don't want to get wet feet, nobody is pushing you or worth, your tripod. Photography-wise, there is nothing very special. Make sure to bring a remote as you have to put up the tripod on mud/sand/water. Don't worry about people already walking in the temple. They are very small and easy to remove. And - don't forget to enjoy the moment, there is a reason why it is so famous.
GPS Location: 13°24'47.0"N 103°51'51.3"E


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