Sissy, Sachertorte, and Apres Ski - Austria knows how to enjoy life. Best desserts in the world and great people. I love the Austrian accent - applies to German and English...


Hallstatt - Hallstatt

Best Time: Sunset to blue hour spot
Remarks: Hallstatt is a crazy place. It is not very known but by Chinese people. China copied parts of the village and "re-build" it in China. This is probably why this place is part of each Chinese Europe tour. The village itself is quite small and is now perfectly adapted to Chinese Bus tours. Nevertheless, it is also a very photogenic place. Especially the mirror effect of the lake and the little peninsular with the little church are very scenic. How crowded this spot is, is highly dependent on the season. I came during the low season, so there was no issue at all. If you want to come during the summer, I guess you should be very early. As usual, older Chinese tourists are not used to respecting people's personal space. So watch out that nobody pushes you and your tripod. I experienced several times that older Chinese tourists get so mad at each other, that they start even fighting. With my 1.9m height, they somehow don't try to get physical with me.
GPS Location: 47°33'52.6"N 13°39'00.0"E

Südtiroler Platz - Vienna

Best Time: All day long
Remarks: In Vienna, I just have no luck with the weather. So most of my better shots are taken indoors. The Südtiroler Platz subway station is one of them. I liked the contrast between the white walls and the red at the very end of the tunnel. These are also the national colors of Austria which make it even a bit more special. Like in many Subway locations, try to avoid rush hours. The tunnel is pretty wide and if you stand like me at the very end, you are not in somebody's way. People in Austria but also in Germany are very aware of their personal rights. Try to avoid shooting if people are crossing. Some people even approach you. Just explain them, that you want to shoot the empty tunnel and not them.
GPS Location: 48°11'10.9"N 16°22'23.5"E


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