Hey, I’m Sven.

I’m an aerospace engineer and a part time photographer based in Hamburg, Germany. I started my own Graphic Design Company when I turned 18 but after school I decided to follow my other passion – aerospace. I studied in Germany and Japan, the country of birth of my cameras.

After graduating I worked first for Airbus in innovation and changed later to Lufthansa Technik – still pushing the technological progress from the perspective of an aircraft operator.

As I deeply believe that “Life is to short for compromises”, I’ll give my very best to continue my executive career and followed my passion been a photographer. At first, photography was a pure hobby to me, soon I got more and more passioned about it, which concluded into a professional way of “work”. I specialized in landscape, cityscape, architecture, nature & travel photography.

My work mainly consists of shots that are heavily post-processed. I love to compose several pictures of the exact same perspective but of different times to a more high dynamic one. Therefore, I set up my tripod way before sunrise or sunset to shoot and experience the complete light scenario.

If you would like to use my work or just get in contact use my contact form or get via Instagram in tough with me.

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